Iaido is the Japanese art of drawing the sword. It differs from kenjutsu (combat sword technique) and kendo (Japanese sport of fencing) in that all moves begin with the sword in the scabbard and the first move is always the drawing of the sword.


The Iaido kata, in its most pure form, is drawing the sword to either a cut or parry, cutting again, cleaning in the sword (chiburi), then returning the sword (noto) to the scabbard. Iaido, as it is now taught, is not only used to teach sword techniques, but also as a form of mental and physical discipline. Dov Sensei emphasizes proper form and technique to develop the mind body and spirit as an integrated whole.


Iaido gives the practitioner speed, elegance, understanding spatial relationships, confidence and all the attributes of a calm, peaceful warrior. We study Koto Ei Ri Ryu and we are an official study group for Ryushinsho Jigen Ryu Iaido through the certified affiliation with the New York Budokai, under the direction of Phil Ortiz Sensei.