About Dov Nadel Sensei

Dov Nadel Sensei has been practicing, studying and teaching martial arts for four decades. He has studied European Saber and Foil, Japanese Staff and Chain Weapons, three different schools of IAIDO (the Art of Drawing the Sword), Naginata, Temashigeri, Jujitsu, Jodo [short staff], Shuriken, Sports Chanbarra, and Aikijitsu. His Iaido and Tameshigeri teachers include Takahashi Sensei, Steve Anderson Sensei, Dr. Ben Hazard Sensei, and Phil Ortiz Sensei. He studied has also studies Naginata with Maylene Hazard Sensei. Dov Sensei is also a Naturopathic Doctor who integrates his martial arts training in his healing practice.

Dov can be reached by phone at (831) 426-6609, or by email at dovsensei@gmail.com


Dov Sensei & Phil Sensei practicing Sport Combat